Evangelicals – The Real “Uncle Tom’s?”

America has an ugly past when it comes to the treatment of individuals who were “different”. So does the rest to the world in the treatment of ethnic groups and those in conquered nations. Slavery became a thing that was very common and excepted even among people who claimed the name of “God.” In America the “Home of the free and the brave”, a nation supposedly founded on “biblical principals,” slavery was accepted and justified by “scripture”. Within the slave groups, certain individuals loyal to their masters were selected to govern or rule over their brothers and sisters, and in many cases they were even crueler than their slave masters. These “privileged”, individuals in African-American slavery, were called “Uncle Tom’s”, by their slave brothers and sisters who despised them. Even though a civil-war was fought back in the day to end slavery once and for all, we still see remnants of the oppressive nature of man alive and well today and in the “church”.
The “church”, “God’s people”, Christians, religion or whatever you chose to call it or them, have a rich legacy of getting things wrong. The world was flat, evolution didn’t exist in nature, the earth was the center of the universe, slavery was justifiable, blacks were inferior, interracial marriages were taboo, just to name a few. The Bible has been used by those in power to justify many heinous acts from the crusades’ to the Salem witch trials, to hatred of those in the LGBTQI community and subvert the true message of Christ. I admit I find it amusing and at the same time distressful that so many of the former drug addicted, dope dealing, promiscuous, now turned preachers here in America have become the evangelical “Uncle Tom’s”, of our time. Standing in the doorways, preaching a gospel that rings of the scribes and Pharisees in Jesus days, they are the gate keepers or Uncle Toms of this generation. They having received God’s grace so generously, now they feel they are somehow privileged and can turn away those of us who don’t fit their theology. The fight against marriage-equality for same-sex couples is the current polarizing issue, that I hope will open the eyes of those whose hearts are filled with outright haltered towards those of us in the LGBTIQ community, will be opened as they see us as Christ sees us, as we all experience an out pouring of love to transcend those lines that have separated so many of us from family, friends, and The Divine our Creator.